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Royal Rangers History

August 8, 2018

Do you have any history for your activities at outpost, sectional, district, regional, or national events for 2018 or 2017?. We would love to get a copy and get it posted on the history site. Whether is it Pow Wow packets, FCF packets, posters, documents, patch scans, staff listings, etc.  All history for your district and section can be posted. Please contact Mark Oliver and it will get updated quickly. We ask that patch scans/photos be a minimum resolution of 300x300. If you take a photo, please put one patch per picture and take the photo close to the patch so we get it up close.

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October 6, 2018

The Royal Rangers History website, in conjunction with the Royal Rangers national office, is issuing a set of 61 commemorative district patches over 21 months to raise funds for a project at Camp Eagle Rock. More informaton may be found here.

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This site is managed by the North Texas Royal Rangers on behalf of and is the exclusively authorized history site of the national Royal Rangers ministries office, Springfield, MO. Contacts for this site include Mark Oliver and Jonathan Trower.

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We would like to thank everyone who helped get this site up to date by sending information. Without you, we woiuld not have as much information as leaders and boys are looking for.

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Feel free to send us information electronically. If you need to mail anything please mail it to Mark Oliver, PO Box 1241, Crowley, TX 76036. If you mail anything, please send us an email so we know it's coming (history@ntxrr.org or mark@ntxrr.org)